3 Indicators That Your Common Rail Injector Is Failing and Why You Should Buy a New Auto Part

Solenoid valves are fed by a high-pressure rail. When you maintain the injector properly, it will serve you for a long time without the need for repairs. However, when the system starts to deteriorate, its efficacy reduces, and this can lead to an overall decline in your engine's performance. It is advisable to keep getting your engine checked. You should replace your common rail injector when you notice these issues with your engine.

Is Your Truck's ABS Braking System Up to the Job?

A modern-day commercial vehicle will typically be equipped with an assisted braking system to provide as much stopping power for the heavy truck as possible. This system is made up of many individual components, and air pressure is used to augment the discs or drums in each case. An ABS is also configured and this is, in turn, designed to make the life of the driver a lot easier in an emergency.

How to Say Goodbye to Truck Brake Fade Once and for All

If you're a truck driver and have ever experienced a case of brake fade when driving down a steep incline, then you know how scary it can be. Some big trucks are, after all, only equipped with conventional brakes, and these are susceptible to heat degradation through prolonged use. If you've just suffered another scary moment, then you may agree that it's time for a change and may be looking at options to help keep you safe.

Commercial Vehicles: 3 Crucial Tips for Planning for a GVM Upgrade

GVM upgrades can be highly beneficial for commercial vehicles used for moving loads. In general, the GVM or the gross vehicle mass can be defined as the maximum weight that your automobile can weigh. In simple terms, this is the rating that indicates the total amount of weight that your vehicle can support safely. This rating depends on the construction of the vehicle. If the capacity indicated by the auto manufacturer is exceeded, there can be danger.

Waste Not Want Not: Should You Choose An Internal Or External Wastegate For Your Turbocharger?

If you own a vehicle that came fitted with a turbocharged engine, it's more than likely that your turbo is already well suited to the task in hand. However, once you start modifying your car's engine to achieve more power and performance, modifications and certain turbo accessories may be required to ensure your turbo can handle the extra workload, and fitting an aftermarket wastegate to your turbo can be an easy and effective way to increase its efficiency.